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Online feet pics business has become so easy nowadays because of some reliable sites like FeetFinder. But, do you know why some people make huge money out of it? On the contrary, some struggle to sell even a single feet picture. Well, it is the technique of taking photos.

You must understand what kind of feet pics do people buy and how to take them, in order to taste success. Are there specific types of foot pictures that will always be in demand? No, not at all, because every best-selling feet image has a distinctive appeal of its own.

So, here in this post, will explore the types of feet pics that buyers like the most, where to buy feet pics and a few simple feet positions that will enhance the demand for your feet pics.

All set to learn? Let’s get started.

What Kind of Feet Pics Do People Buy?

To understand what kind of feet pics do people buy, you must be familiar with the fact that the best-selling feet pics have a few unique characteristics that set them apart from the competition. They must be creative, bright, and clear to attract more and more buyers’ attention. If you are clicking the picture in a lovely background, your chances of getting the potential customer will increase.

You can click feet pics by showing the soles, and toenails neatly painted, wearing fancy high heels, and with well-groomed feet. These types of feet pics are in high demand and buyers buy these pics the most. 

Plus, expert editing and beautiful lighting are two extra but crucial factors that can make or break a feet picture. The feet picture will get a different shine when it is captured in good lighting, and the colors as well as the overall appearance of the picture can be improved by editing.

But, to stand out from the queue, you have to develop some unique style, strategy and creative ideas for feet pics. It will help you to draw the attention of many buyers who are interested in that particular style or fetishes. 

Best Feet Pics Poses You Can Try

Close-up feet pics are in high demand in the feet pics industry. People love to buy such feet pics since they are fantastic as well and they enable you to highlight special characteristics like tattoos and well-trimmed toenails. Plus, they provide a clear view of your feet where buyers go crazy. So, your prime focus should be taking the best close-up pictures of your feet to draw in more buyers.

One more thing that attracts buyers towards a feet pic is the natural glow. Try to keep things casual and unplanned to capture some amazing foot photos out of nowhere. You can click such pictures while engaging in activities like playing beach volleyball, going on a stroll across the city, or simply displaying your beautiful toes.

Now, if you are curious about what kind of feet pics do people buy, here are some of the most well-liked ones:

  • Feet pictures clicked beside the pool might be popular.
  • You can even show off your toes in this relaxed position.
  • Your feet ‘ soles might attract a lot of potential buyers.
  • You can wave your feet in the air to click some captivating pictures.
  • Clicking your foot’s arch from the side can raise your chances of sale.
  • Taking some simple pictures like looking down at your feet is also a great pose.

You can ask a friend for help if you are having trouble clicking these postures on your own. Also, you can make things even more simpler by investing some money in a tripod and a wireless remote for your camera or phone.

Types of Feet Pics Buyers Love the Most

The feet pics industry is run by potential buyers and creative sellers, to attract more buyers for your feet pics, you must be creative and knowledgeable as a seller. You can boost your sales if you try capturing the following types of feet pics, let’s check it out:

1. Take Pictures with Some Flowers in the Frame

To take this type of picture, you have to collect some of the dried flowers and you have to take care of the angle. Point your camera downward so that it captures the bathtub and your feet. You can try different angles and poses, and later on, you can choose the best one for posting on your profile.

Although using natural light is the suitable way to click this picture, if you are just starting out in photography, some artificial lighting will do. Here, you should prefer budget-friendly LED light because it will make your space more attractive and bright. However, you have to make sure that your photos include every nuance and detail. 

2. Experiment with Temporary Tattoos

You can also use temporary tattoos on your feet to create a pretty amazing effect in your feet pics. Your feet will appear more attractive and buyers never miss any chance to buy such kinds of feet pics.

For this, you have to try clicking pictures with different tattoos and different poses. You can pose with one foot bent and the other straight, get close-up views, or even lift your feet up. Stick to the position you are mostly comfortable with, and try capturing some quality pics in that pose.

3. Click Pictures on Different Times Throughout the Day

The most suitable answer to ‘What kind of feet pics do people buy’ is, photos clicked during different durations of the day. So, try to click feet pics in various lighting conditions to make them stunning. You will be shocked at how different your feet can look based on the time of day. 

You may capture images that look natural and highlight the textures of the morning. You will also get a better view if you click in the evening as the sun is setting, plus clicking feet pics at the golden hour can increase the demand for that pic.

Moreover, to create a romantic atmosphere, click when it is a little darker, near sunset. Your pictures could benefit from such delicate, dark light.

4. Capture Your Feet by Waving in the Air

You can attract more buyers if you click pictures by waving your feet in the air. You can lie down with your legs up to take pictures in this position, and For a more appealing appearance, you can cross your legs or point your toes. 

If you can avoid simple backgrounds and use some interesting background that provides a sense of luxury, it will provide more exposure to the feet picture. You can even scatter some sand in front of you or dip your feet in sand, to give the impression that you are walking on a beach. 

Use white blankets and sheets as the backdrop if you want to make your pictures feel delicate and peaceful. 

You may capture images that look natural and highlight the textures of the morning. You will also get a better view if you click in the evening as the sun is setting, plus clicking feet pics at the golden hour can increase the demand for that pic.

Moreover, to create a romantic atmosphere, click when it is a little darker, near sunset. Your pictures could benefit from such delicate, dark light.

5. Click Some Feet Selfies

Likewise, face, you can also take selfies of your feet. For clicking such pictures, you have to point your camera downward and you have to be really careful about the footwear as well as the surroundings. 

It is always suggested to prefer open shoes or bare feet while clicking the selfie of your feet. Avoid using high-heeled or more fashionable shoes in this type of picture. 

6. Take Some Calm Pictures with Water

Your feet ‘pictures will look incredible and attractive when you capture those near water or click those pictures with some splash of water on your feet. These images provide a sense of calmness whether you show your feet in a pool, a waterfall or lake, or a bathtub with gorgeous flowers floating around.

Each and every situation will help you create images that appear lovely and pure, and they can affect the hearts of buyers. 

7. Shoot Some Black and White Feet Pictures

You can shoot black and white feet pics to look equally as gorgeous as the color ones. You don’t need to pay attention to numerous nuanced details. Instead, you can experiment with different forms and angles.

You can use high contrast to make your black-and-white feet pics look amazing, and to give your feet a more delicate touch, you can put something dark, in front of a white or light background.

8. Adorn Your Beautiful Feet with Some Jewelry

Do you know what kind of feet pics do people buy? Well, most foot enthusiasts prefer feet pics that are adorned with some beautiful jewelry such as anklets or toe rings, which will enhance the beauty of your feet. These accessories can showcase your unique style and provide a smooth touch to your feet.

However, you have to keep in mind that the goal is to enhance the appearance of your feet, not to highlight the jewelry. So, only select those accessories that complement your feet by being basic and attractive at the same time.

9. Showcasing the Diverse Range of Footwear

There are some buyers who buy feet pics to promote their footwear brands. So, if you capture some captivating images by wearing some footwear, you can definitely attract those buyers to your side. 

Each piece of footwear you will use conveys a different mood, whether you are wearing tall boots, high heels, cozy flip-flops or just going barefoot. By including foot pics of several shoe styles in your portfolio, you may increase the variety and appeal of your presentation.

10. Take Pictures of Feet While Dancing

Here’s a fun way of taking pictures of feet and it is an ideal pose also. You can move around while you take a lot of images in motion. It has the ability to capture some really cool and organic moments.

While dancing you should do the steps slowly while being photographed, then stay in a graceful position for a few seconds. In this way, you can take some classy pictures. You can post them on websites like FeetFinder, Etsy, or Instafeet, where you will meet a lot of buyers looking to buy feet pictures. It is a fantastic method to market your work and earn extra money! 

What is the Best Platform to Buy Feet Pics?

People often get confused while choosing the right platform to buy feet pics, it is because the number of platforms in the feet pics industry is growing by leaps and bounds. You have to consider plenty of things before landing on the right platform that will meet all of your desires. Although there are numerous platforms in the market, we will suggest you go with the FeetFinder only. But why FeetFinder?

Let’s brief it.

Why Choose FeetFinder to Buy Feet Pics?

FeetFinder is heaven for those who enjoy seeing feet pics and are eager to purchase them. It is considered the biggest marketplace for feet pics. There are numerous reasons why a buyer should go with FeetFinder, and we have mentioned a few among them.

Many Options: There are different sellers who offer different types of foot photos. Thus, if you have a particular style or category in mind, you are probably going to find it here.

Safety: FeetFinder has some strict policies to make sure that everything is private and safe. These guidelines must be followed by every user so you may purchase feet pics without being concerned about anything wrong.

Privacy: Your personal information is kept confidential, and it will never be disclosed without your information.

Easy to Use: The website is quite simple to use. It can be used by anyone and no prior knowledge is required to operate this site.


Hopefully, now it is clear what kind of feet pics do people buy. See there is a market for a variety of styles and appearances. From beautiful and provoking stances to amusing and creative images, there is a demand for all. But, you have to decode your audience preference first to be successful in this business.

You can try FeetFinder to explore this market as it offers a safe and polite environment for all things related to feet, whether you are a buyer looking for particular styles of foot photos or a seller looking to showcase your work, this platform welcomes all.